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Box storage

Storage in boxes is a perfect system to separate different products, varieties, sizes and qualities. Box storage is storing product in wooden boxes (160x120x123cm). Boxes can be stacked 4-5 boxes high and need to be handled with a forklift. Boxes can be filled with a box filling machine. The main benefit is that many different products can be stored in the same storage room. This results in the option to store two different products in the same year, both grown in their most favourable season.

Box storage is specifically suitable for the following products:

Seed potatoes

Table potatoes



Red beet




Less risk as product quality is separated per box

Highly controllable product conditions

Possible to store many different products in the room in different seasons

Easy handling with forklift – no conveyors needed

Can be easily combined with a separate moveable drying unit


Not suitable for drying wet product from field

Higher initial investment per MT storage


Prefab wooden boxes

Durable materials of good quality wood

Standard box: 160x120x123 cm for handling with forklift

Other dimension boxes upon request

Potato drying system

Moveable drying system to dry wet potatoes before storage intake – can be temporarily placed in the storage room for conditioning

Can be used to dry product after storage to avoid condensation before packing (or planting)

Learn more about box storage by downloading our presentation.

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