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Storage components

The GGFS turn-key crop storage solution includes everything needed to store your product. This includes the following components:

Steel structure

Storage room panelling

Storage hardware; cooling and ventilation

Hardware installation support

Training on usage

We can also supply these components separately in discussion with our clients. This can be the case when you already have an existing steel structure, or you want to build the storage room panelling yourself locally.

Steel structure

Prefab building that is modular – easy to install

Can last for 35+ years because of durable components

Lightweight construction because of round roof and small bay distance

Less weight and volume for transport

Easy construction with light equipment

No need for heavy foundation – cheaper concrete

Durable sheeting that is suitable for roof mounted solar panels

No maintenance

Storage room panelling

Top quality sandwich panels from a world leading supplier

Compliant with all regulations

Closed box in a box under the steel structure

Easy to install with 100mm panels

Storage hardware; cooling and ventilation

Designed and calculated on your location and climate

Turn Key Coolers (TKC) – all components in 1 unit

The system is closed and prefabricated

No cooling engineer needed on site and installation in 2 – 3 days per room

Low energy losses due to all components inside one unit with low amount of gas (ca. 30kg)

No maintenance needed

Top quality components like Bitzer, Danfoss, Schneider Electric, Eaton

No peak loads – soft starter and frequency control

Cooling gas same as standard AC’s (R410 & R32) – other gas upon request

Simple and easy to handle storage computer with internet connection for remote control

Hardware installation support and training on usage

As GGFS we understand that storing your product is not always easy. Therefore, we supply you with the hardware solutions but also support you with the implementation and usage training. This include training on field conditions to achieve storable product, product intake and storage settings.

All to ensure a successful storage period. Resulting our customers being on market with good quality produce in high price market windows.

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