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Bulk storage

Storage in bulk is an effective and economical way of storage. With a good engineered bulk system all the product will receive the same amount of air, what creates a perfect temperature and humidity balance all over the pile. A pressure wall for ventilation is needed to ensure evenly distributed airflow. Product can be stored up to 3-4m high depending on the products and conditions. For the storage intake in bulk, a product intake line with conveyers is needed to fill the storage room. Another option is to store product in net bags where the net bags will be carefully placed over the airducts to create a bulk storage in net bags. Storage in net bags is the most economic effective but also labour intensive.

Bulk storage is specifically suitable for the following products:

Table potatoes

Industrial potatoes



Effective drying and cooling

Homogeneous conditions in the pile

Optimal distribution of air and anti-sprout agent

Cost effective way of storage per MT


Not possible to separate different lots or varieties in the same room

Higher risk with different product qualities

Only possible to store few different products in a room

Pressure wall for ventilation

Key for good and evenly distributed airflow and to hold the ventilators

Durable materials of good quality wood

Learn more about bulk storage by downloading our presentation.

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