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Crop storage solutions

Go&Grow Farm Solutions delivers different crop storage solutions for potatoes, onions, carrots and other crops. We differentiate ourselves in the market by supplying cost effective turn-key crop storage solutions from the first concrete foundation drawing all the way until implementation and training on storage usage.

Benefits of crop storage

In certain countries crops can be grown year round but there often only one season with most favourable growing conditions. Therefore, many farmers are producing storable crops in the same season. This results in flushes on to the market which causes declining product prices. It is for this reason that storing your crop results in being on market with good quality produce in high price market windows.

The main benefits of crop storage are:

Supply the markt in peak price periods

Decay of the product is avoided

Weight loss is reduced to a minimum with a good facility

The storage facility will act as a buffer for the market

Reducing the environmental footprint due to less food waste

Our crop storage solutions are ranging from 100 MT to even over 10,000 MT. We can provide support in calculating your return on investments.

Key success factors are:

Designed specifically for your location

Good field quality of produce is key!

Variety selection for storage purposes

Professional harvesting methods and minimal handling damage

Short duration from harvest to storage

We supply 2 types of crop storage:

Box storage

Bulk storage (or in net bags)

Crop storage solutions for potatoes, onions and carrots

Combination with other Go&Grow Farm Solutions equipment and processing lines:

We can supply all mechanization for potato, onion, carrot cultivation

The crop storage solution can be well combined with processing equipment

We offer a wide range of:

Sorting, grading and inspection lines

Storage loading and unloading equipment

Weighing and bagging/packing for market

The best storage method and solution depends on your storage target, market and the climate

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