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Preparation before construction

The service
Most companies and entrepreneurs are not familiar with preparatory works for construction. Preparations from site selection and ground works until concrete slab and site connectivity to electricity and water need to be done before construction of a warehouse, crop storage or pack house. For this reason, we developed a guiding document for our customers to challenge local construction companies to conduct best preparatory works before construction. For preparation before construction we can only provide guidance. When these preparatory works are finalized, the pre-fab building by Go&Grow can be constructed successfully.

Technical specs
Preparation works before construction need to be organized and completed by the customer itself on site before construction of the pre-fab building.

Topics to take into account:

  • Site and exact on-site location selection
  • Ground works
  • Concrete floor construction (concrete slab)
  • Site connectivity’s to electricity and water
  • After construction: water drainage and electricity and water connections inside
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