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Climate controlled crop storage

The product
A climate controlled crop storage in an insulated warehouse to cure and store your product. Enabling to sell your product constantly over a longer time window (off-season) at the best quality. Suitable for onions, sweet potatoes and potatoes. The crop storage is installed in a custom made insulated pre-fab building from the Netherlands. Easy to build on different foundations. Inside, storage technique and equipment from the Netherlands will be installed to maintain a constant climate according the settings.

Technical specs

  • Controlled environment with climate depending on crop and market window
  • From 20-500MT
  • Storage for 1-6 months
  • Main building based on “insulated warehouse” concept
  • Storage settings can be manual or automated with a storage computer
  • Storage concept with product in big wooden bins for bigger storage quantities
  • Movable container solution with product in nylon bags for smaller quantities
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