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Cup Planter – Potato row planter – Dewulf

The CP-series cup planters are designed for potato growers who demand the most reliable planting precision. The basic fundament of this precision is the unique Miedema planting element found in each CP. Growers can work more efficiently thanks to the high planting capacity, low maintenance costs and the exceptionally simple control system of the Miedema planters.

The 2-row mounted planter has a high maneuverability and, despite its small size, it has a large bunker. Moreover, the CP 22 Farmer only requires a light tractor, which also means less ground pressure during planting. The CP is also perfectly suited for combining multiple operations in a single working pass.

Technical specs

  • CP22 – 2 Row: Row distance 61 – 91.4 cm (based on request) – 550 kg bunker
  • CP42 – 4 Row: Row distance 75 – 90 cm, lifted or trailed version available – 1,200 – 4,500 kg bunker (depending on requirement)
  • Also 6 and 8 row planters available.
  • All planters can be applied with a fertilizer unit, granular and/or in furrow spray application


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