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Mechanical bed former – Go&Grow Multi-Tool


Growing on beds improves the root system and the ability to overcome heavy showers during rainy periods. With the use of the discs the soil is easier to work with, even in moist conditions. Mechanical bed forming maintains the soil structure better compared to PTO-driven bed formers especially prior to the rain season. Bed distances and shapes can vary according to crop purposes and requirements.

By implementing the Go&Grow multi-tool with disc set-up the beds will be pre-formed before going through the final bed former hood that is attached. The angle and heigth of the front discs is adjustable to get more or less soil in front of the bed former. The final bed shape is partly round, so water will run-off.

Technical specs

  • Applicable for 1.5 meter and 2 meter growing system
  • Also possible to produce two 75 cm and 1 meter beds
  • Can be operated from 50 HP and more depending on size



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