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Large seed planter – Maschio Gaspardo

The exact amount of seeds per square meters required can be achieved as the seeds are planted in perfect lines. We have calibrated and set up together with Maschio Gaspardo the ultimate kit for planting large vegetable seeds. This machine is also highly suited for arable crops such as soya, sugar beet and sunflowers. These planters can be used for the larger operations and is a good match for larger tractors. As well fertilizers can be sidedressed together with the seed in the same pass to increase efficiency and effectivity.

The machine is based on pneumatic activity and the set up depends on crop and row distance.

Technical specs

  • Row distance of 25 – 75 cm
  • Working width 4, 6 or more rows
  • Mainly for large seeds such as beans, peas, maize, soya, sugar beet and sunflowers
  • Planting and fertilizing can be combined
  • Can be used from 75 HP tractors onwards
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