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Potato belt planter – Dewulf

Designed for planting potato seed efficiently and effectively of all different sizes, even the large ones. Our belt planters are suitable for straightforward, place-specific planting of a wide variety of seed potatoes .

Speed and precision are key terms that describe this planter. The Miedema Structural 2000, 3000 and 4000 are mounted or trailed (2 and 4 row beds) belt planters that combines extreme planting precision, a high driving speed (up to 11 km/h) and potato-friendliness. The Miedema Structure is without a doubt the fastest yet also the most reliable potato planter on the market.

The renowned Structural belt planting system combines precision with a high level of product-friendliness. The unique planting system limits friction between the tubers and therefore prevents damage to the seed potato. The unique, potato-friendly planting belt concept gives each individual seed potato optimum room to grow based on its size. That way you always get a homogeneous end product. The open design of the belt bed also does an excellent job of separating foreign matter from the seed potatoes and makes it easier to perform maintenance and adjustment of the machine.

Technical specs
  • Row distance: 75 – 90 cm (also 3 lines on one bed possible)
  • Hopper capacity: 1,400 for lifted version (6,500 kg lift capacity required
  • Hopper capacity trailed version: 3,000 kg
4 row:
  • Row distance: 75 – 90 cm
  • Hopper capacity: 3,000 (lifted)
  • Capacity required: 9,500 kg
  • Trailed version: 4,000 kg
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