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Vegetable grading – 100 day grading line

we highlight the 100 day grading and inspection line from Allround vegetable processing. Improve your sorting and inspection facilities with one grading and packing line; reduce your labour costs and ease your logistics process. In just 100 days you can potentially earn your investment back (proven by many different customers worldwide!)

Key features:

  • Gentle processing reduces product damage => less customer complaints
  • Very homogenous product due to size grading => higher premium sales prices.
  • Constant product flow => lower cost per kg and high output.

Technical aspects:

  • Radial roller – sorting by diameter into 3 different sizes.
  • Products: Onions, Carrots & potatoes (+ other root crops)
  • Operation is based on differing roller principles
  • Sizes are determined because the rollers differ from one another in height
  • Because the rollers differ in height, the products that are to be graded are immediately correctly positioned. At the point at which the rollers begin to differ in height relative to one another the machine begins to operate as a transport device for elongated products.

100 day grading line – Vegetable processing – YouTube

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