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A fruit & vegetables packhouse for East-Africa

Go&Grow Farm Solutions developed an insulated packhouse for fruit and vegetables including cold rooms and room partitioning. For this packhouse we used our partner Snoei’s main building. The refrigeration and room partitioning was designed and built in collaboration with Geerlofs.

Expert knowledge of the specific fruits and vegetables, product flow and handling, as well as the certification requirements and market requirements that apply to our customer, is necessary to develop a cost-efficient and effective packhouse. Our team of experts previously worked in the fruit and vegetable sector, in production, finance and for retail service providers, in Africa and Europe. We are good at matching requirements and possibilities for our customers, locally and overseas. The packhouse needs to be the best solution, customized to the needs of the client to provide more sustainability for their business.

We supply a wide range, from packing sheds of 50 m2 to completely refrigerated packhouses of up to 1000+ m2. Our packhouse solution has a smooth interior with no visible beams to facilitate easy cleaning and compliance for certification purposes. Refrigeration can be completely customized to the needs of the client. Almost all sizes and temperatures can be provided, including a blast chiller and a pre-cooler. We can also provide the necessary inventory to operate the packhouse.

Packhouses and farm buildings can be supplied with implementation and construction support by an experienced team.

We are happy to assist you by developing and supplying the most suitable packhouse for your farming business.

For more information or inquiries about our complete packhouse solutions, feel free to send an e-mail to

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